Super Tuesday and Marianne.

Super Tuesday is upon us, and Marianne is on the ballot of 30 plus states. Make your vote count and stand for something. It is more important what ideas win than what people win. Marianne is a candidate that would truly represent the interests of the American citizens. I believe America is in a struggle between Good and Evil. I believe Marianne is supported by Angels and God himself. She has created a movement supported by millions of creative, motivated followers that has the power to transform America into one that enables it’s Citizens to thrive.

Where do Angels come from?

It is my incredible good fortune to know an Angel as both her human manifestation and her Divine manifestation. To know her as a human is to easily imagine her rising to Divine status. I agree with my first Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, who said “Humans become Angels on earth, not in heaven. Some others opinions:

“We are all butterflies. Earth is our Chrysalis”

LeAnn Taylor

“The pain of being human is that we’re all Angels imprisoned in vessels of flesh.”

Steven Pressfield

“It is by suffering that human beings become Angels.”

Victor Hugo

Evolution Revolution

We live in a time where virtually every aspect of our society is crumbling or transitioning – media, technology, consciousness, economies, education, relationships and more. Old ways of looking at and understanding our world are no longer sufficient, and new conversations are encouraging us to look more deeply at why our world is the way it is, and what about us creates it to be this way.

The questions of who we are, what shapes culture, and what we’re capable of are on the table for us to re-approach. Further, millions around the world are coming to a realize that there is a deep interconnection at the basis of our reality, something that connects all of us to everything, and this is beginning to shift our worldview.

The way forward will involve a collective change in human consciousness, one that will lead to a new age of enlightenment. Let us begin.